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A dedicated server is a single computer in a network reserved for serving the needs of the network. For example, some networks require that one computer be set aside to manage communications between all the other computers. A dedicated server could also be a computer that manages printer resources. Note, however, that not all servers are dedicated. In some networks, it is possible for a computer to act as a server and perform other functions as well.

Pointer Soft Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. renders Dedicated Server service to its clients which is rated the best in entire Noida. Our dedicated server is not just a server instead it is one stop solution which will catapult your business to next level. Our professionals ensure that you get higher levels of speed, security and 100% uptime for your sites with our comprehensive dedicated servers.

We guide you in selecting our powerful high performance Windows and Linux dedicated servers as per the requirements of your business. It acts as a platform in providing you dedicated resources for mission critical applications. Our dedicated servers Noida are flexible, secure and scalable which provide unrestricted and independent access to our clients and aid them in managing their internet infrastructure.

We preserve one server for one client so that the dedicated server customer has full rights on their server bandwidth, memory and storage space and the performance is not affected by traffic and usage patterns of other customers. This means that the client enjoys the optimum benefits of dedicated server without any hindrance.

We actually lease out a server box to you the moment you purchase our dedicated server which is configured and setup by our techies as per your preferences but our personnel will be its watch guard as it will remain at our data centre. This enables immediate attention to any server problems without wasting precious time of yours. We provide you with dedicated IP address and full control of server usage and software installations with root access to your server.

Dedicated servers are beneficial to companies and persons who run very high traffic websites and applications as they require high bandwidth, versatility and consistent performance of their dedicated server.

In the Web hosting business Noida, a dedicated server is typically a rented service. The user rents the server, software and an Internet connection from the Web host.

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