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Dairy is the prime industry for a developing country like ours. There are many processes and sub processes that a product in the diary has to undergo before actually reaching the market. Managing manually all these activities is a mundane tasks and consumes lot of time and money.

To simplify the complex tasks and to integrate all the activities involved in dairy production to one central location, Pointer Soft Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Noida has come out with innovative and revolutionary software, Dairy management software. It provides computerized network systems for dairies systems, dealers and milk sellers. It aids in easy tracking and management of their daily transactions, Accounts, Sales production and management of stocks through MIS systems. One can keep track of their financial transaction and see if there occurs any discrepancy as the receipt of finance and the payment and stock thereof are directly exported to Accounts Finance software.

Right from collection of milk from various farmers to its storage, processing and converting milk into various dairy products can be managed easily and effectively with just one click and from one central point because of our dairy management software company in Noida.

Our diary management software includes the following:
⇒ Distributor and retailers management to keep track of their dues and advances
⇒ Inventory (stock) module to track in depth stock details as on particular date
⇒ Logistics Module for overall development
⇒ Collection Module for keeping track of payment collected and that are due
Website Company Noida, Website Company Delhi Production Module for getting in depth details of production, materials utilised in each process and time each process consumes etc.

Dairy Management Software is developed for MILK Dairy business operations. It gives computerization for dairies Systems, dealers & sellers of milk. It can be used by small, medium large corporate sized group or dairy for their daily transaction, Accounts, Sales Production, and Stocks MIS Management. It also has capability for finance supervision as its receipts and stocks/inventory can be directly exported to Accounts Finance software.

Dairy Management Software includes the following Modules:
⇒ Distributor / Retailers Management
⇒ Inventory [STOCK] Module
⇒ Logistics Module
⇒ Collection Module
⇒ Production Module

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